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Ain’t No Duty High Enough

Gregor Sebastian, Noah Barkin & Agatha Kratz | Rhodium Group | 04/29/2024

The European Commission is likely to impose countervailing duties on imports of electric vehicles (EV) from China in the coming months to head off the risk of subsidized cars damaging…

US Sets Trade Policy Sights on China’s Xinjiang

Henry Storey | Hinrich Foundation | 03/19/2024

As Washington escalates its raft of trade controls against Ch...

Trade Policy Tools for Climate Action

World Trade Organization | 11/30/2023

In June 2022, at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12), the entire WTO membersh...

Fast Fashion, Global Trade, and Sustainable Abundance

Joy Buchanan | CATO Institute | 11/28/2023

Plentiful cheap clothes are a triumph of innovation and markets. ...

Manufacturing Resilience: The US Drive to Reorder Global Supply Chains

Mary E. Lovely | Aspen Institute | 11/08/2023

Spurred by technological advances in shipping...

Jump-Starting U.S. Trade and Economic Engagement in the Indo-Pacific

Wendy Cutler & Clete Willems | Asia Society Policy Institute | 09/11/2023

Countries in the In...


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