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Food Security Challenges Posed By The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Terence Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade | 03/30/2022

Ukraine and Russia are important exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil. See, e.g., WTO Trade Profiles 2021 at 376 (Ukraine top three agricultural expoers were sunflower-seed, or cotton oil…

WTO Negotiations On Agriculture — Slow If Any Progress To Date

Terrence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade | 01/25/2022

When the Uruguay Round was concluded...

How Barriers To Trade Can Be Barriers To Climate Change Adaptation

Ishan Nath | VoxEU | 12/24/2021

A wide range of evidence suggests that global warming will have...

Clayton Yeutter opened global markets to Nebraska agriculture

Editorial Staff | Omaha World Herald | 11/08/2021

Exports provide a vital financial contribution to ...

Four Facts about Soaring Consumer Food Prices

Christian Bogmans, Andrea Pescatori, Ervin Prifti | International Monetary Fund | 06/24/2021

Rising world food pri...

Supply Chain Visibility in Agriculture

Global Trade Magazine | 06/07/2021

Agriculture companies are facing a major challenge of supply chain visibility as of rece...


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