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Library of past WITA events.


Do Trade Deficits Matter?

WITA | 03/31/2017

A panel of experts participated in a debate to help WITA members understand the underlying issues and arguments about the importance of bilateral trade deficits in charting a new course…

The Trade Law Tool Box

WITA | 03/27/2017

WITA hosted an event that examined the various enforcement provisions in U.S. trade laws that could be used by the new ad...

The Past, Present, and Future of US-China Trade

WITA | 02/16/2017

WITA hosted an event to examine the past, present and future directions of US-China trade relati...

Amb. Michael Froman’s Final Keynote Address as USTR

WITA | 01/10/2017

In his last major address as the United States Trade Representative, WITA hosted Ambas...

What’s Next for Trade in a Time of Change

WITA | 12/15/2016

WITA took a tour around the globe, looking at the future of trade in Asia, Europe, Africa and th...

WITA’s What You Need to Know to Go Global

WITA | 10/28/2016

WITA hosted a discussion about Future Trade Trends and Debunking Trade Myths, including predicti...

WITA’s NextGenTrade® Launch Event

WITA | 10/18/2016

To kick off the NextGenTrade™ series, WITA hosted an expert panel to discuss emergent trade issues that...


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