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Trade Rules in the Internet Age

WITA | 03/07/2012

While the Internet has been called the trade route of the 21st Century, the rules governing the global trading system were written largely during an earlier, analog era.  As iPads, Blackberries, cloud…

Russia’s WTO Accession: The Content of the Package, and its Significance

WITA | 01/19/2012

The WTO accession of the Russian Federation carries huge trade polic...

APEC 2011: Advancing the U.S. Economic Engagement in the Asia Pacific Region

WITA | 10/26/2011

Featuring: United States Trade Representative Ron KIRK; U.S. Chambe...

DOHA Discussion

WITA | 07/27/2011

    After nearly ten years of negotiations, the Doha Round of global trade negotiations is at a crossroads.  Revised n...

The Mexican Trucking Issue: Are We There Yet?

WITA | 06/29/2011

Could this be the end of the road for one of the longest running NAFTA disputes – Mexico Trucking...


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