WITA’s NextGenTrade® initiative focuses on emergent trade issues that will be at the center of trade discussions, negotiations and disputes in the years to come.


Geostrategically Motivated Co-option of Social Media: The Case of Chinese LinkedIn Spy Recruitment

Mika Aaltola | Finnish Institute of International Affairs | 06/19/2019

The emergence of a more competitive power-political situation shifts rivalry into the economic and technological fields, as the costs of an open and direct military conflict remain very high in…

WITA’s NextGenTrade® Presents: 21st Century Trade: Digital, Printed

Kenneth I. Levinson (WITA) and Robert Moran (Brunswick) | 06/04/2019

While nations quarrel...

Beyond Technology: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Developing Word

Daniel F. Runde | Project Director | Center for Strategic & International Studies | 05/21/2019

Digital Trade and U.S. Trade Policy

Rachel F. Fefer, Wayne M. Morrison, and Shayerah Ilias Akhtar | Congressional Research Service | 05/21/2019

As the global inte...

Undercurrents: How Technology is Changing International Affairs

Robin Niblett | Chatham House | 05/20/2019

In a bonus episode of Undercurrents, Chatham House Dire...

Statement before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary “5G: The Impact on National Security, Intellectual Property, and Competition”

James Andrew Lewis | Senior Vice President and Director, Technology Policy Program Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) | 05/16/2019


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