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US-China trade war: UN warns of ‘massive’ impact of tariff hike

BBC News | 02/05/2019

A UN trade official has warned a US plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods next month would have “massive” implications for the global economy. The US plans to increase…

The US-China trade war could benefit Europe, Mexico and Japan

Daniel Shane | CNN | 02/05/2019

Hong Kong (CNN Business)The trade war between the United States and ...

Iran’s top judge: EU preconditions for non-dollar trade channel ‘unacceptable’

Reuters | 02/05/2019

Iran’s top judge said on Monday that Tehran ...

Trump Uranium Quota Could Shutter Nuclear Plants, Trade Group Warns

Alan Neuhauser | US News | 02/05/2019

A Trump Administration proposal to institute quotas on d...

India among countries to benefit from US China Trade War: UN

The Economic Times | 02/05/2019

UNITED NATIONS: India is among a handful of countries that stand to b...

U.S.-China Trade Total Has Eclipsed Previous World Record, Data Will Show

Ken Roberts | Forbes | 02/05/2019

Total trade between China and the United States in 201...


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