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China warned to prepare for lengthy trade war with US

Frank Tang | South China Morning Post | 11/30/2018

Beijing should prepare for extended conflict with Washington, because their fundamental differences cannot be resolved in a brief meeting of top leaders, a government adviser has warned. “We shouldn’t and…

Brexit Trade Aims ‘Fantasy,’ Former UK Trade Chief Says

Dara Doyle | Bloomberg | 11/30/2018

The U.K. will struggle to broker improved trade deals after it exi...

What’s in Trump’s new trade deal with Mexico and Canada?

Megan Hughes | ABC | 11/30/2018

Now that President Donald Trump has symbolically signed the r...

Amid Trade War With U.S., There Are Signs Of Dissent Among China’s Economists

Rob Schmitz | NPR | 11/30/2018

On the day he became leader, Xi Jinping gave a ...

WTO chief warns of worst crisis in global trade since 1947

Daniel Gallas | BBC | 11/30/2018

The head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has said global free tr...

How China’s economic reformers are using US trade war to push demands for opening up

Jane Cai | South China Morning Post | 11/29/2018

Chinese intellectuals, inc...


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