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German Finance Minister upbeat EU and U.S. will find solution to trade dispute

Michelle Martin and Joseph Nasr | Reuters | 12/06/2018

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said on Thursday he was optimistic that U.S. President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker would find a solution to…

Trading on WTO terms under a no-deal Brexit is pure fantasy – and this is why

Shehab Khan | The Independent | 12/06/2018

It seems utterly absurd that the prosp...

India’s cotton output may hit 9-year low, curb exports – trade

Rajendra Jadhav | Reuters | 12/06/2018

MUMBAI, Dec 6 (Reuters) – India’s annual ...

US trade war weakens China’s position as global leader in automation and robot manufacture

He Huifeng and Iris Deng | South China Morning Post | 12/06/2018

Brexit: Theresa May ‘looking at MPs’ role on backstop’

BBC staff | BBC | 12/06/2018

Theresa May says she “is talking to colleagues” ...

There may be more at stake than just trade concessions in the US-China tariff battle

Nyshka Chandran | CNBC | 12/06/2018

Trade frictions between the world’s...

China Swings Into Action on Trade as ‘Tariff Man’ Trump Ups Pressure

Yinan Zhao, Steven Yang, Dandan Li and Terrence Dopp | Bloomberg | 12/05/2018

U.S. Presi...


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