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Theresa May’s Brexit deal is doomed – Sir Michael Fallon

BBC staff | BBC | 11/27/2018

Sir Michael launched a scathing attack on the proposed EU agreement, saying it was the “worst of all worlds” and the PM’s future was “up to colleagues”. The prime minister…

Why the trade deficit is getting bigger — despite all of Trump’s promises

David Lynch | The Washington Post | 11/27/2018

Greg Owens wants to sell his company...

Party’s over: As margins tumble, China steel mills brace for hard times

Manolo Serapio Jr and Muyu Xu | Reuters | 11/27/2018

MANILA/BEIJING (Reuters) ̵...

Trump warns Brexit agreement could threaten future US-UK trade deal

Sam Meredith | CNBC | 11/27/2018

President Donald Trump on Monday warned that the agreement al...

Brexit: Here’s what happens now

Silvia Amaro | CNBC | 11/26/2018

There is one thing currently uniting Prime Minister Theresa May with her 27 EU counterparts...

A Trade War is No Reason to Ease Monetary Policy

Jeffrey Frankel | Project Syndicate | 11/26/2018

CAMBRIDGE – The world is in a trade war, and there is no sign o...

AI and machine learning companies named for DIT USA trade mission

Department for International Trade | UK Government | 11/26/2018

The Department for Internationa...


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