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China’s Top Diplomat Mocks U.S.’s ‘Perplexing’ Trade Complaints

Peter Martin and Miao Han | 07/31/2018

Wang Yi may be China’s top diplomat, but on Monday he sounded more like the country’s chief lecturer of economics. The Chinese foreign minister took advantage of a visit by…

A Temporary Respite From U.S.-EU Trade Tensions

Simon Lester | 07/26/2018

Yesterday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker met with President Trump at...

Qualcomm Abandons NXP Deal Amid U.S.-China Tensions

Eliot Brown and Bob Davis | The Wall Street Journal | 07/26/2018

Qualcomm Inc. scrapped its $44 billion purcha...

WTO chief sees trade war ending in political talks

Tom Miles | Reuters | 07/26/2018

The nascent global trade war will have to be ended by a political agreement be...

Coca-Cola says it’s raising soda prices after Trump tariffs

Emily Birnbaum | The Hill | 07/26/2018

Coca-Cola Company on Wednesday said they will raise the p...

So Now Trump Wants to Protect Farmers From Trump’s Trade War?

The Editorial Board | New York Times | 07/25/2018

Scrambling to soften the blow of his destructive...

Trump’s economic chief Larry Kudlow on trade disputes: “Don’t blame Trump”

CBS News | 07/25/2018

President Trump’s chief economic ad...


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