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US panel warns against government purchase of Chinese tech

Matthew Pennington | The Washington Post | 11/14/2018

WASHINGTON — A congressional advisory panel says the purchase of internet-linked devices manufactured in China leaves the United States vulnerable to security breaches that could put critical infrastructure at risk….

‘Insane’ for UK and EU to harm border trade, McLaren CEO says

David Reid | CNBC | 11/14/2018

The chief executive of British sports car maker McLaren A...

Trump shot at French wine trade leaves sour taste in Paris

Angelique Chrisafis | The Guardian | 11/14/2018

A tweet by Donald Trump attacking the French president,...

Mnuchin, China’s Liu Resume Dialogue on Trade

Steven Yang, Shawn Donnan, and Miao Han | Bloomberg | 11/13/2018

Mnuchin, China’s Liu Resume Dialogue o...

Asean-led free trade deal pushed back to 2019

The Straits Times Staff | The Straits Times | 11/13/2018

Asean-led free trade deal pushed back to 2019 SINGAPORE (A...

EU CRISIS: US, China and Brazil FURIOUS at Brussels over plan for post-Brexit import quota

Paul Withers | Daily Express UK | 11/13/2018

EU CRISIS: US, China and B...

At Southeast Asian summit, pushback against going it alone

Annabelle Liang and Elaine Kurtenbach | The Washington Post | 11/13/2018

At Southeast Asian summit, pu...


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