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Biden’s Trade Policies-Recalibrated, More Focused, and A Bit Concerning

Stuart Malawer | George Mason’s University’s Schar School of Policy and Government | 07/21/2021

The Biden administration has moved to refocus the US trade policy on China, acting to promote competition but not thoughtless confrontation. Some actions were strong right out of the gate;…

Trade-Policy Dynamics: Evidence from 60 Years of U.S.-China Trade

George Alessandria, Shafaat Yar Khan, Armen Khederlarian, Kim J. Ruhl, Joseph B. Steinberg | World Bank Group | 07/01/2021

China’s Microchip Ambitions: Semiconductors Advance the Next Phase of Techno-Nationalism

Alex Capri | Hinrich Foundation | 06/22/2021

Comprising the ‘brains’ fo...

Improving China’s Participation in Resolving Developing-country Debt Problems

Martin Chorzempa, Adnan Mazarei | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 05/30/2021

China: Rise or Demise?

John Mueller | CATO Institute | 05/18/2021

Policymakers increasingly view China’s rapidly growing wealth as a threat. China currently ranks...


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