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Dilemmas of Deterrence: The United States’ Smart New Strategy Has Six Daunting Trade-Offs

Hal Brands & Zack Cooper | Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) | 03/12/2024

The following brief is a part of the Marshall Papers – a series of essays, edited by Jude Blanchette of CSIS and Hal Brands of SAIS, that probes and challenges…

Yeutter Institute Offers Insights on Boosting Ag Biotech Innovation

Geitner Simmons | Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln | 10/11/2023

A New Horizon in U.S. Trade Policy

Trevor Sutton, Mike Williams | The Center for American Progress | 03/14/2023

Key Developments and Questions for the Biden Admin...

The US-China Technology War and Its Effects on Europe

Enrique Feás | Elcano Royal Institute | 02/28/2023

Theme The technology war between the US and China has ta...

PPI’s Trade Fact of the Week: U.S. Underwear Tariffs are Unfair to Women

Ed Gresser | The Progressive Policy Institute | 02/08/2023

FACT: U.S. underwear tariffs...

The (Updated) Case for Free Trade

Scott Lincicome and Alfredo Carrillo Obregon | CATO Institute | 04/19/2022

The long‐​standing bipartisan consensus in favor of...


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