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Brexit and Outlook for U.S.-UK Free Trade Agreement

Shayerah Ilias Akhtar|Congressional Research Service | 02/12/2020

This report was posted on February 12, 2020 by the Congressional Research Service. It contains information in regards to U.S-UK relations, free trade agreements, and the outlook of this special…

Brexit: Status and Outlook

Derek E. Mix, Shayerah Ilias Akhtar, and Kristin Archick | Congressional Research Service | 10/30/2019

After the 2016 referendum in whi...

The Trade Cost of a No-Deal Brexit to the United Kingdom

Pamela Coke Hamilton | 09/05/2019

As a member of the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) is part...

No Deal Will Lead to Prolonged and Severe Political and Economic Uncertainty

Economic and Social Research Council, King’s College London | 09/04/2019

No deal wi...

U.S.-EU Trade and Economic Issues

Shayerah Ilias Akhtar | Congressional Research Service | 08/28/2019

Introduction The United States and European Union (EU) are e...

Tipping the Balance: How Trade and Investment can Rebalance the UK Economy

Eamonn Ives | Centre for Policy Studies | 08/22/2019

As the UK prepares to leave the EU...

Information for financial institutions if there’s no Brexit deal

HM Treasury | Government of the United Kingdom | 08/14/2019

1. Context on Brexit for financial ...


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