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Does Trade Reform Promote Economic Growth? A Review of Recent Evidence

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 05/23/2019

Economists will look back on the decade from 1985 to 1995 as a remarkable period in which developing coun- tries were swept up in a dramatic wave of trade reform…

Two-Way Street: 2019 Update US-China Direct Investment Trends

Thilo Hanemann, Daniel H. Rosen, Cassie Gao, and Adam Lysenko | 05/08/2019

The US-China Investment P...

11 Common Questions About U.S. Trade with China

Tori Whiting and Gabriella Beaumont-Smith | The Heritage Foudation | 04/30/2019

Trade has been a primary topic of ...

Micro-Evidence on Corporate Relationships in Global Value Chains

Andrea Andrenelli, Iza Lejàrraga, Sébastien Miroudot, and Letizia Montinari | OECD | 04/25/2019

Border regimes and knowledge spillovers through the supply chain

Bruno Merlevede and Victoria Purice | VoxEU | 03/29/2019

Supplying inputs to multinational firms ...

How Do Technical Barriers to Trade Affect Foreign Direct Investment?

Mahdi Ghodsi | The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies | 03/21/2019

Trade li...


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