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Economic Multilateralism 80 Years After Bretton Woods

Maurice Obstfeld | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 04/08/2024

Eighty years ago, negotiators from 44 countries meeting at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, devised multilateral institutions and rules that they hoped would steer the postwar world economy toward durable peace…

A Transatlantic G2 Against Chinese Technology Dominance

Robert D. Atkinson | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation | 04/05/2024

It has been a century sin...

Commission Proposes New Initiatives to Strengthen Economic Security

Directorate-General for Communication | European Commission | 01/24/2024

The Commission adopte...

Globalization in 2024: The Clouds are Clearing

Richard Baldwin, Simon J. Evenett & Fernando Martín | Institute for Management Development (IMD) | 12/30/2023

World Trade Law and the Rise of China: Struggles over Subsidy Rules

Nina Teresa Kiderlin | Graduate Institute of International and Develpment Studies, Geneva | 11/28/2023

See the Big Picture: 2024 Supply Chain Outlook

Chris Rogers, Mark Fontecchio, Amy Chang & Emilee Nason | S&P Global Market Intelligence | 11/14/2023

Global supply...

The New Geopolitics of Trade in Asia

Urs Schöttli | Geopolitical Intelligence Services | 10/11/2023

The era of Western-led globalization has been replaced by a d...


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