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Bidenomics Versus Maganomics on Trade Law: Pick Your Poison

Thomas J. Schoenbaum | Institute for European Policymaking at Bocconi University | 03/31/2024

Introduction This essay considers alternative scenarios for international trade policy for 2025 and beyond through the lens of the spectacular series of events that upended international trade beginning in 2017….

Extending Trade Law Precedent

Jeffrey Kucik & Sergio Puig | Vanderbilt Journal of International Law | 10/16/2021

Precedent is celebrated as a fundamental feature ...

Digital Sovereignty: Protectionism or Autonomy?

Deborah Elms | Hinrich Foundation | 09/28/2021

Regulatory regimes around the world are pushing to claim jurisdicti...

Key Issues for Reforming the World Trade Organization

Members of GTIPA | Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance | 09/27/2021

The members of the Global Trade ...

Enabling trust, trade flows, and innovation: the DEPA at work

Stephanie Honey | Hinrich Foundation | 07/21/2021

Three significant trends have emerged in the last ...


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