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2023 Will Be a Defining Year for Brexit and Trade

David Henig | European Centre for International Political Economy | 12/31/2022

Notwithstanding endless discussions and early data, Brexit cannot yet be definitively declared a success or failure. Those who would point to trade deals and independent regulatory policy as signs of…

The Populist Damage To The Trading System

Kent Jones | VoxEU | 01/19/2022

In the global trading system, the age of anxiety has given way to the age of populism. B...

Cod Quotas Shake The Svalbard Treaty

Line Nagell Ylvisåker | High North News | 12/07/2021

Brexit and the allocation of cod quotas re-opened old wounds. Now, Norw...

Brexit And Its Impact On The EV Market

Fleetworld | 03/01/2021

Adam Hall, head of electric vehicles at Drax Group, on the evolving role of the fleet manager post-...

How might the United Kingdom once again ‘Rule the waves?’

Diana Villiers Negroponte | Wilson Center | 01/14/2021

The UK’s dream after Brexit is to beco...


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