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Why Countries Trade: A Look at Benefits and Risks

Kristie M. Engemann | Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis | 03/06/2024

Trade is an important part of the global economy, and it has grown significantly over the post-World War II era. The significant expansion of global trade over time suggests that…

The US Steel Deal is a Test of Friendshoring—And the US is Failing

Sarah Bauerle Danzman | Atlantic Council | 01/08/2024

In mid-December 2023, US Steel announce...

What Friendshoring Means for Global Supply Chains

James Gordon | Raconteur | 03/30/2023

The Biden administration’s latest geopolitical strategy is to prioritise t...

The Hidden Costs of Friend-shoring

Halit Harput | Hinrich Foundation | 11/15/2022

Since friend-shoring was added to the US trade policy lexicon, little has been r...


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