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Global Supply Chains at Risk Without New Rules for Digital Trade

John Denton | East Asia Forum | 06/23/2024

Much ink is being spilled on predictions of ‘deglobalisation’ and restructuring of supply chains, but frenzied commentary over trends such as ‘re-shoring’ and ‘near-shoring’ tends to obscure the reality that…

The Role of AI in Developing Resilient Supply Chains

Maxime C. Cohen & Christopher S. Tang | Georgetown Journal of International Affairs | 02/05/2024

The term art...

Regional Supply Chains: The New Glue of Inter-American Relations?

Richard E. Feinberg | Global Americans | 11/10/2023

At the June 2022 Summit of the Americas in L...

Can AI Help Build a More Adaptive Supply Chain?

Emily Newton | Global Trade Magazine | 10/23/2023

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many supply chains strove for effi...

China Curbs on Graphite Could Roil EV Supply Chain in the U.S.

Drew Kann & J. Scott Trubey | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 10/23/2023

A move by China that co...

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Mary E. Lovely | Milken Institute Review | 04/21/2023

The Biden administration is on a campaign to fundamentally alter the supply chains...


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