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Around the Halls: What to Watch in Biden’s Week of Summits in Europe

Pavel K. Baev, Célia Belin, James Goldgeier, Samantha Gross | Brookings Institute | 06/07/2021

President Joe Biden is headed to Europe at the end of this week on the first foreign trip of his administration, for G-7, NATO, U.S.-EU, and U.S.-Russia summits in the…

G7 Summit: Group’s Chance to Redefine its Role

Creon Butler | Chatham House | 06/04/2021

The G7 summit to be held in Cornwall on June 11-13 will be the first ‘i...

Building Back Better: Is Green Growth the Answer?

Jack Barrie, Patrick Schröder | Chatham House | 06/02/2021

This year has been coined a ‘super year‘ for the env...

The G7 Tests

Matthew P. Goodman | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 05/27/2021

The Group of Seven (G7) has had a bad couple of decades. Riven by in...


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