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EU Passes U.S. as China’s Top Export Market

John Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 12/07/2022

China reported remarkably weak trade numbers for November, underscoring its lingering difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a slump in consumption of consumer goods in the U.S. Overall,…

Amid New Export Controls, U.S. – China Trade Shrinks

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 10/26/2022

As the U.S. imposes new export controls on high-tech c...

Lower Chinese Exports to U.S. Signal Possible Economic Slowdown

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 09/15/2022

Consumers in the U.S., facing higher prices and ...

Biden Must Beef Up His Trade Policy To Compete With China

Min-Hua Chiang | The Heritage Foundation | 08/19/2022

China’s growing political assertiveness and milita...

Measuring U.S-China Technological Decoupling, and What it Means for the Future

Nicolas Lama | Columbia Political Review | 07/22/2022

During the first two decades ...

A new kind of Belt and Road Initiative after the pandemic

Alicia García-Herrero & Eyck Freymann | Bruegel | 06/23/2022

Since President Xi announced China’s grand...


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