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Biden Administration makes moves to increase domestic production of various green energy products while providing a two-year exemption from duties for solar cells and panels from selected countries not currently subject to trade remedies

Terence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade | 06/08/2022

With supply chain challenges flowing from the COVID pandemic continuing and inflation being exacerbated by the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, the Biden Administration has been focused on finding ways…

Buy American Provisions- Great Slogan, Terrible Policy

Gary Winslett | The Libertarian-Progressive Papers | 03/07/2022

In last week’s State of the Union address, ...

Biden Administration Revises “Buy American” Rules

Jean Heilman Grier | Djaghe LLC | 03/07/2022

The Biden administration has revised “Buy American” rules, cons...

The 2022 Trade Policy Agenda Of The President Of The United States

Terrence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade | 03/06/2022

On Mach 1, 2022, USTR released the...

Biden’s Puzzlingly Bad Solar Panel Decision

Gary Winslett | The Libertarian-Progressive Papers | 02/17/2022

The Puzzle: Why Do Something So Dumb? In 2018, the T...

Solar Tariffs On The Horizon

James Bacchus and Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith | CATO Institute | 02/08/2022

Unsurprisingly (and disappointingly), President Joe Bid...


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