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Weighing Biden’s China Tariffs

Matthew P. Goodman | Council on Foreign Relations | 05/24/2024

Global risks–including Chinese overcapacity–have increased, but government intervention should seek to minimize trade-offs. It is hard to exaggerate the significance of President Joe Biden’s May 14 announcement of tariff increases…

U.S. Trade Policy Is at a Crossroads

Edward Alden | Council on Foreign Relations | 04/01/2024

Biden’s trade agenda is trying to tackle climate change, domestic jo...

Realism, Idealism, and U.S. Trade Policy

Peter S. Rashish | American-German Institute | 03/13/2024

For nearly 100 years, U.S. trade policy has been judged by wher...

The China Policy Gap Between Biden and Trump is Bigger Than You Think

Jiachen Shi | The Diplomat | 03/12/2024

Rhetorically, the two presidential candidates hit ma...

Does America Have an End Game on China?

Zack Cooper | ChinaFile | 12/15/2023

This fall, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted that the Biden administ...

In a Fractured World, Does Biden’s Trade Policy Measure up?

Mark Linscott | Atlantic Council | 11/08/2023

In recent years, global trade relationships have shift...


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