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Can Liberalizing Trade Reduce US CPI Inflation?

Sherman Robinson (PIIE) and Karen Thierfelder (US Naval Academy) | 03/29/2022

Tariffs raise the prices of imports in domestic markets. In theory, reducing tariffs should therefore reduce prices. At a time of mounting public concern over US inflation, the empirical question…

Solar Tariffs On The Horizon

James Bacchus and Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith | CATO Institute | 02/08/2022

Unsurprisingly (and disappointingly), President Joe Bid...

Tariff Increases Did Not Cause Inflation, and Their Removal Would Undermine Domestic Supply Chains

Robert E. Scott and Adam S. Hersh | Economic Policy Institute | 01/19/2022

Let The Sun Set On Solar Tariffs

James Bacchus and Gabriella Beaumont‐​Smith | CATO Institute | 01/19/2022

In the coming weeks, President Biden faces his fir...

Trump Tariff Increases Contribution to Inflation: ~0.5%?

Ed Gresser | Progressive Policy Institute | 12/01/2021

THE NUMBERS:  U.S. tariff collection 2021:        ...

How Canada Could Retaliate if Tariff-Like U.S. Electric Car Policy Goes Ahead

Don Pittis | CBC | 11/22/2021

A new U.S. government policy that offers tax credits f...


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