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Can the WTO be Saved from Itself?

WITA | 04/13/2018

WITA hosted an expert panel to discuss U.S. concerns surrounding the dispute settlement process at the WTO, and what can be done to update the system to address those concerns. The United…

Brexit: Status and Outlook One Year After Article 50

WITA | 03/15/2018

WITA welcomed an expert panel  to discuss the political and social issues at the heart of t...

The Great Wall: Trade Enforcement in the Age of Trump

WITA | 03/13/2018

WITA welcomed an expert panel to discuss the recently announced tariffs on aluminum and st...

Governors & Premiers on NAFTA: A View from States and Provinces

WITA | 02/23/2018

WITA welcomed the Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado, the Premier Kathl...

Tax, Trade, & Investment: Examining Tax Reform

WITA | 02/15/2018

WITA hosted a distinguished panel to discuss President Trump’s recently passed Tax Cuts and ...

Conversation with Ambassador Joe Hockey on Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region

WITA | 02/05/2018

Australia’s Ambassador to the United States the Hon. Joe Hockey and ...

What’s Happening to Trade Around the World?

WITA | 01/24/2018

WITA welcomed Ambassadors from around the world, for a discussion on what is happening to the worl...


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