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The WITA TPP Series, Panel Three: US Priorities and Objectives

WITA | 04/11/2013

This was the third of a fourth panel series on the ongoing Trans Pacific Partnership trade negotiations. Each panel brought sharp focus to issues surrounding, and often complicating, the negotiations….

Update on TPP: The End-Game Dynamics Explained

WITA | 04/10/2013

After four years of negotiations, the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is in...

Supply Chain Barriers: What Can Be Done?

WITA | 01/31/2013

On January 23, the World Economic Forum in Davos and the World Bank released a new joint report, “...

Export Control Reforms

WITA | 12/13/2012

Many believe the current U.S. export control system, although crucial, has become a multi-layer unwieldy behemoth that no...

Arab Summer: What’s Next for Trade in Egypt and the Middle East?

WITA | 06/28/2012

The euphoria of the 2011 revolutions in the Arab world has given way to the p...

International Trade Career Roundtable: Networking and Job Hunting for Foreign Nationals

WITA | 06/22/2012

The Career Roundtable is a bi-monthly series of luncheon...


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