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Automation and jobs: When technology boosts employment

James Bessen | VOX | 09/12/2019

Do industries shed or create jobs when they adopt new labour-saving technologies? This column shows that manufacturing employment grew along with productivity for a century or more, and only later…

Challenges in the digital age

Vincent Labhard, Peter McAdam, Filippos Petroulakis, Lara Vivian | VOX | 08/27/2019

The fourth industrial revolution is bringing abo...

Technology, Automation, and Employment: Will this Time be Different?

Art Carden, Steven Globerman, and Livio Di Matteo | Fraser Institute | 07/09/2019

Few topics ...

Undercurrents: How Technology is Changing International Affairs

Robin Niblett | Chatham House | 05/20/2019

In a bonus episode of Undercurrents, Chatham House Dire...

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender

Stephanie Barrientos and Charlotte Pallangyo | World Economic Forum | 09/14/2018

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender...

Retooling Trade Agreements for Social Inclusion

Gregory Shaffer | University of Illinois | 07/25/2018

International trade law has been oblivious to social inclus...


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