WITA’s NextGenTrade® initiative focuses on emergent trade issues that will be at the center of trade discussions, negotiations and disputes in the years to come.


Greening regional trade agreements: Subsidies related to energy and environmental goods

Shunta Yamaguchi | OECD | 01/07/2020

Many regional trade agreements (RTAs) contain chapters and articles that are environmentally specific. But Parties can elect to more broadly incorporate environmental objectives in their RTAs to promote their environmental…

How Will the Post-Brexit “Data Wall” Affect the European Union?

Michael Mandel | Progressive Policy Institute | 10/17/2018

SUMMARY The absence of a data adeq...

The Coming North American Digital Trade Zone

Anupam Chander | Council on Foreign Relations | 10/09/2018

In 1992, when NAFTA was signed, the World Wide Web had yet...

After Salzburg: How to salvage the Brexit negotiations

Sam Lowe and John Springford | Centre for European Reform | 09/24/2018

Although EU leaders delivered the co...

Retooling Trade Agreements for Social Inclusion

Gregory Shaffer | University of Illinois | 07/25/2018

International trade law has been oblivious to social inclus...


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