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Answering China’s Economic Challenge

Charles W. Boustany Jr. and Aaron L. Friedberg | The National Bureau of Asian Research | 02/20/2019

The U.S. and China have reached a turning point in their economic relations, and are currently locked in a serious trade skirmish, if not yet a full-blown trade war. Negotiations…

The Importance of WTO Reform from a Transatlantic Perspective

Thomas J. Duesterberg | Hudson Institute | 02/19/2019

Trade is at the forefront of international ten...

Estimated Impacts of Tariffs on the U.S. Economy and Workers

Dr. Joseph Francois and Laura M. Baughman | Trade Partnership Worldwide LLC | 02/19/2019

Executive Su...

A Golden Opportunity for a U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement

Dan Blumenthal and Mike Mazza | Project 2049 Institute | 02/14/2019

The United States and Taiwan can c...

The Global Commitment to Sustainable Development: How Are We Doing?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs | 02/13/2019

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development...

Voting with their Money: Brexit and Outward Investment by UK Firms

Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain, Dennis Novy, & Thomas Sampson | VoxEU | 02/12/2019

Media repor...


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