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On the Current State of the World Trading System

Alan Wm. Wolff | 04/04/2018

My object today is to sort through the noise of the current tempest over trade and to assess fundamentally where matters stand, how we came to be where we are…

Why A Trade War With China Would Hurt The U.S. And Its Allies, Too

David Dollar and Zhi Wang | 04/04/2018

Two-thirds of world trade now occurs through global valu...

China’s Maritime Silk Road – Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region

Nicholas Szechenyi, Zack Cooper, Matthew Funaiole, Jesse Barker Gale, Jonathan Hillman, Gurmeet Kanwal, Harsh V. Pant, Gregory B. Poling and Andrew Shearer | 04/02/2018

Korea Steel Deal Means More US Steel Barriers Lie Ahead

Jeffrey J. Schott and Zhiyao (Lucy) Lu | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/28/2018

China hits the United States with tariffs on $3 billion of exports

Daniel Shane | 03/28/2018

Donald Trump has argued that trade wars are easily won by the country...

The Dark Matter of Trade

Ricardo Hausmann | 03/28/2018

CAMBRIDGE –Donald Trump has argued that trade wars are easily won by the country with the deficit, because ...


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