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Global Imbalance and the Trade Slowdown

Caroline Freund | 02/20/2018

Global Imbalance and the Trade Slowdown From the mid-1990s until the financial crisis, global trade grew twice as fast as global income, far faster than in previous or subsequent periods….

Adapting International Trade Institutions to New Realities

FELIX PENA | 02/13/2018

  The Challenge The institutional order governing world trade is going thr...

How to Reform Worker-Training and Adjustment Policies for an Era of Technological Change

Robert D. Atkinson | 02/10/2018

How to Reform Worker-Training and Adjustm...

Trade Deficit Disorder

Daniel J. Ikenson | 02/06/2018

It’s been a tough week for President Trump – and it’s only Tuesday. Just when Trump nearly had the country a...

Tax Reform in the United States: Implications for International Investment

United Nations Conference on Trade and Investment | 02/05/2018

The United States Govern...

Seven Chinas: A Policy Framework

David Kelly | 02/05/2018

INTRODUCTION International analysis of China’s foreign policy is often too simple, too binary. Is China ...


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