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Geopolitics is Corroding Globalization

Adam Posen | International Monetary Fund | 06/04/2024

The following article was published in the June 2024 issue of the International Monetary Fund’s Finance & Development Magazine. To read the full F&D Magazine, click here.   How should…

The Conservative Case & The Progressive Case for Globalization

Jeb Hensarling | Inu Manak & Helena Kopans‐​Johnson | Cato Institute | 05/30/2024

As part ...

The Art of the Mini-Deals: The Invisible Part of EU Trade Policy

Lucian Cernat | European Centre For International Political Economy | 10/06/2023

In a book that s...

Can the World Trade Organization Act as a Bulwark Against Deglobalization?

Simon J. Evenett | Asian Economic Policy Review | 10/02/2023

The following is an excerp...

Digital Trade in Services: Globalization’s Exciting New Frontier

Gary Winslett | CATO Institute | 09/26/2023

  Digitalization is allowing more services than eve...

Globalization and International Value Chains: 2000-2021

Guy F. Erb, Scott Sommers | 02/28/2023

The disruptions in international supply chains that occurred durin...

Global Trade in 2023: What’s Driving Reglobalization?

Marianne Schneider-Petsinger | Chatham House | 01/30/2023

Summary Global trade will continue to face ...


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