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Energy 360: Changing Expectations for the Belt and Road Initiative

Jon Hillman, Jane Nakano, Nikos Tsafos | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 05/20/2019

This week, 3 CSIS experts discuss the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s global strategy to be at the center of global economics through infrastructure, trade, and energy projects.  In…

Rebuilding a Bipartisan Consensus on Trade Policy

Phil Levy | The Chicago Council on Global Affairs | 04/17/2019

By the summer of 2018, the United States was ramp...

Grading China’s Belt and Road

Daniel Kliman, Rush Doshi, Kristine Lee, and Zack Cooper | Center for a New American Security | 04/08/2019

Since its launch in...

Agricultural and Forestry Trade Drives Large Share of Tropical Deforestation Emissions

Florence Pendrill, U. Martin Persson, Javier Godar, Thomas Kastner, Daniel Moran, Sarah Schmidt, and Richard Wood | Global Environmental Change | 03/21/2019

Trade Policy Brief: Trade and the Environment

OECD | 02/06/2019

The environmental benefits of trade are manifold: diffusion of environmental goods and services, a...

The Role of Trade in Adaptation to Climate Change

Christophe Gouel and David Laborde | VoxEU | 02/06/2019

Given our collective failure to mitigate greenhouse gas ...


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