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The WTO in Crisis: Closing the Gap between Conversation and Action or Shutting Down the Conversation?

Patrick Low | Cambridge University Press | 03/07/2022

The GATT and the WTO between them have existed for over seven decades. During those years, the multilateral trading system has evolved with varying degrees of effectiveness in response to…

EU Proposes a Strong Multilateral Trade Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The European Commission | 06/04/2021

Today, the EU has submitted its proposal seeking th...

The Increasing Importance of Services Expenditures and the Dampening Effect on Global Trade

Logan T. Lewis, Ryan Monarch, Michael Sposi, Jing Zhang, Caroline Beetz Fenske | U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago | 06/01/2021

Imports Work for American Workers

Laura M. Baughman, Joseph F. Francois | Trade Partnership Worldwide, LLC | 05/31/2021

The last several years have seen a growin...

Emerging Narratives and the Future of Multilateralism

Amrita Narlikar | Global Policy Journal | 04/21/2021

Amrita Narlikar explores the advantages and disadvantag...

The Role of Multilateralism of the WTO in International Trade Stability

Abdur Chowdhury , Xuepeng Liu , Miao Wang and M. C. S. Wong | Cambridge University Press | 04/06/2021


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