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Can the World Trade Organization Act as a Bulwark Against Deglobalization?

Simon J. Evenett | Asian Economic Policy Review | 10/02/2023

The following is an excerpt from the Simon J. Evenett’s article: Can the World Trade Organization Act as a Bulwark Against Deglobalization?  from Asian Economic Policy Review published by John…

In U.S.-China Trade War, Bystander Countries Increase Exports

Michael Totty | UCLA Anderson Review | 08/23/2023

Higher demand from U.S. and China means expanding ...

China’s Regulatory Crackdowns and U.S.-China Trade and Investment Relations

Henry Gao | National Foundation for American Policy | 02/10/2022

China’s regulatory ...

Do Not Blame Trade for the Decline in Manufacturing Jobs

Stephen J. Rose | Center for Strategic & International Studies | 10/04/2021

Manufacturing jobs are prized...

Trump’s Trade War Timeline: An Up-to-Date Guide

Chad P. Bown and Melina Kolb | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 01/24/2020

President Donald Trum...


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