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American Protectionism And Construction Materials Costs

Alessandro Barattieri and Matteo Cacciatore | Cato Institute | 02/09/2022

Building on previous work, we used data on U.S. trade remedies—antidumping, countervailing duty (anti‐​subsidy), and safeguard measures—to study the effect of protectionism on construction material prices in the United States….

Reflections on China and U.S.-China Relations in 2021

Kevin Rudd | Asia Society Policy Institute | 02/09/2022

The year 2021 turned out to be more decisive for Chi...

The Economic Impacts of Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Agriculture

U.S. Department of Agriculture | 01/11/2022

In 2018, the United States imposed Section 232 tariffs...

Why America Needs a National Competitiveness Council

Robert D. Atkinson | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation | 12/13/2021

The issue of faltering U.S. ...


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