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Environmental and Labour Standards in IPEF: Tough Pill to Swallow for Southeast Asia

Darren Cheong | ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute | 09/14/2022

The U.S. must ensure that it finds the right leverage within its IPEF scheme to make up for its lack of trade benefits or risk turning off prospective participants. Analysts…

A new kind of Belt and Road Initiative after the pandemic

Alicia García-Herrero & Eyck Freymann | Bruegel | 06/23/2022

Since President Xi announced China’s grand...

To Ease ASEAN’s Import Dependency, Strengthen Intra-ASEAN Trade

Stewart Paterson | Hinrich Foundation | 02/22/2022

As China’s cost base has risen and it looks ...

5 Years Later The United States Is Still Paying For Its TPP Blunder

Colin Grabow | CATO Institute | 02/10/2022

Last month—January 23 to be exact—marked the five‐...

Phase 1 with China Failed. It’s Time for Phase 2.

Scott Paul | Alliance for American Manufacturing | 01/19/2022

Two years ago the Trump administration announce...

Taiwan’s early emphasis on exports vindicates the power of economic ideas

Douglas A. Irwin | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 08/31/2021

A coming clash over Hong Kong sanctions?

Jeffrey J. Schott | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 08/17/2021

US sanctions and Chinese countermeasures ...


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