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PPI’s Trade Fact Of The Week: The U.S.-Canada Trade Relationship Is The Largest In World History.

Ed Gresser | Progressive Policy Institute | 02/16/2022

FACT: The U.S.-Canada trade relationship is the largest in world history. THE NUMBERS:  Top six U.S. goods + services trade partners in 2021*   * Estimates for services based on the…

Canada Needs a Bold, New International Trade Strategy. If Not Now, When?

Stewart Beck and Gary Comerford | The Globe and Mail | 01/23/2022

What will the new norm...

Trade And Gender: Canada’s Missing Initiative

Fauzya Moore | Canadian Global Affairs Institute | 12/08/2021

Canada recently introduced gender equality to intern...

How Canada Could Retaliate if Tariff-Like U.S. Electric Car Policy Goes Ahead

Don Pittis | CBC | 11/22/2021

A new U.S. government policy that offers tax credits f...

Why a Canada-China Trade Dispute Was (Almost) a Gift To US Biotech

Marc L. Busch | The Hill | 10/01/2021

Canada and China are in a trade dispute over canola oil. ...

In the Midst of Skyrocketing Lumber Prices, the Commerce Department… Doubles Tariffs?

Scott Lincicome | CATO Institute | 05/24/2021

A few weeks ago, I explained...


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