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Realism, Idealism, and U.S. Trade Policy

Peter S. Rashish | American-German Institute | 03/13/2024

For nearly 100 years, U.S. trade policy has been judged by where it is situated along a continuum from protectionism to free trade. With the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of…

The China Policy Gap Between Biden and Trump is Bigger Than You Think

Jiachen Shi | The Diplomat | 03/12/2024

Rhetorically, the two presidential candidates hit ma...

China Bought None Of The Extra $200 Billion Of US Exports In Trump’s Trade Deal

Chad P. Brown | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 02/08/2022

Whether For the ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ Reasons, Just Lift the Tariffs

Christine McDaniel | The Hill | 06/07/2021

The tariffs put in place by t...

Buying American is Harder than it Sounds. Jeep is a Good Example.

Nathan Bomey and Javier Zarracina | USA TODAY | 05/03/2021

Buy American. It’s a common refrain a...


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