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William Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 11/01/2021

Subsidies are not a new issue. The first U.S. countervailing duty law was enacted in the 1890s. (For newbies, “countervailing duties” is the term used to describe tariffs that a…

President Biden’s Elusive Trade Policy

Gary Clyde Hufbauer | East Asia Forum | 10/31/2021

President Biden’s trade policy recalls Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting ...

Defining Success for MC12

Alan Wm. Wolff | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 10/29/2021

The future well-being of the world economy and amicable rel...

The future of world trade depends on US leadership

Jennifer Hillman and Inu Manak | The Hill | 10/21/2021

The fate of the world’s leading trade institution hangs ...

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

William Reinsch | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 10/18/2021

One of my favorite T-shirts from the ’80s featur...

The World Needs a COVID-19 Vaccine Investment and Trade Agreement

Chad P. Bown & Thomas J. Bollyky | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 10/13/2021

Can the WTO build consensus on digital trade?

Arindrajit Basu | Hinrich Foundation | 10/05/2021

Gridlock at the WTO concerning regulation of global digital trade ...


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