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What does it mean to Make It In America? A look at Factoryless Goods Production and Global Value Chains

WITA | 06/10/2014

Some policymakers lament that American manufacturing is on the decline, and they promote policies to “bring manufacturing jobs back” to the United States. Meanwhile, many U.S. manufacturing firms now commonly…

Tools of the Trade: Trade Finance

WITA | 03/21/2014

Thinking of exporting? Trade Finance can seem very complex for those who do not have much experience in the fi...

Export Control Reforms

WITA | 12/13/2012

Many believe the current U.S. export control system, although crucial, has become a multi-layer unwieldy behemoth that no...

Trade Rules in the Internet Age

WITA | 03/07/2012

While the Internet has been called the trade route of the 21st Century, the rules governing the global trading s...

Services Trade and Investment: Unlocking Growth, Recovery, and Jobs

WITA | 11/29/2011

Three new studies show how U.S. services exports can create millions of new...


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