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Why 5G Requires New Approaches to Cybersecurity

Tom Wheeler and David Simpson | Brookings | 09/03/2019

“The race to 5G is on and America must win,” President Donald Trump said in April. For political purposes, that “race” has been defined as which nation gets 5G built first. It…

The Space and Cyberspace Components of the Belt and Road Initiative

Michael S. Chase | National Bureau of Asian Research | 09/03/2019


Innovation and National Security: Keeping Our Edge

James Manyika, William H. McRaven, and Adam Segal | Council on Foreign Relations | 09/01/2019

Executive Summary...

China’s Access to Foreign AI Technology

Wm. C. Hannas and Huey-meei Chang | Center for Security and Emerging Technology - Georgetown University | 09/01/2019

A Tentative Framework for Examining U.S. and Chinese Expenditures for Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence

Thomas J. Colvin, Talla F. Babou, Keith W. Crane, Irina Liu, and Gifford J. Wong | Institute for Defense Analyses - Science and Technology Policy Institute | 09/01/2019

Challenges in the digital age

Vincent Labhard, Peter McAdam, Filippos Petroulakis, Lara Vivian | VOX | 08/27/2019

The fourth industrial revolution is bringing abo...


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