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The Coming North American Digital Trade Zone

Anupam Chander | Council on Foreign Relations | 10/09/2018

In 1992, when NAFTA was signed, the World Wide Web had yet to become truly world-wide and the iPhone was still fifteen years away. Thus, it is not surprising that…

Digital Trade and Market Openness

Javier López González, Janos Ferencz | OECD | 10/08/2018

Digital Trade and Market Openness Digitalisation has significantly re...

World Trade Report 2018

Xiaozhun Yi, Robert Koopman, et al. | World Trade Organization | 10/03/2018

Introduction Technological innovations have shaped global comm...

Digitalization and industrialization: friends or foes?

Jörg Mayer | UNCTAD | 10/01/2018

Digitalization and industrialization: friends or foes? Digitalization can...

After Salzburg: How to salvage the Brexit negotiations

Sam Lowe and John Springford | Centre for European Reform | 09/24/2018

Although EU leaders delivered the co...

SME Competitiveness Outlook 2018: Business Ecosystems for the Digital Age

International Trade Centre (ITC) | 09/20/2018

SME Competitiveness Outlook 2018: Business...

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender

Stephanie Barrientos and Charlotte Pallangyo | World Economic Forum | 09/14/2018

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender...


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