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Treasury unleashes cryptocurrency sanctions to fight ransomware

Sam Sabin and Victoria Guida | Politico | 09/21/2021

The Treasury Department on Tuesday announced a crackdown on the use of digital currencies in ransomware attacks and other financial crimes, including its first-ever sanctions against a crypto exchange. Treasury…

France wins EU backing in sub row with US

Alex Pigman | Digital Journal | 09/21/2021

European ministers rallied around France on Tuesday over the US and Australia...

Germany warns of lost U.S. trust as France wins EU support

Philip Blenkinsop and Robin Emmott | Reuters | 09/21/2021

Germany joined France on Tuesday in berating ...

As America reopens, airlines hunger to reclaim transatlantic cash

Rajesh Kumar Singh and Sarah Young | Reuters | 09/21/2021

America’s reopening to internati...

Covax stalled, India to start vaccine export in October, expects surplus

Kaunain Sheriff M | The Indian Express | 09/21/2021

THREE MONTHS after it put on hold Cov...

Severe truck strike disrupts container handling at Chittagong port

Sharar Nayel | Container News | 09/21/2021

Truckers have enforced their scheduled strike Tuesda...

What Trudeau’s win means for Canada-U.S. relations

Andy Blatchford | Politico | 09/21/2021

Justin Trudeau’s election win will earn him a congratulatory call fro...


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