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Hong Kong Formally Demands US Drop ‘Made-in-China’ Labelling Regulations by Trump

Ng Kang-chung and Gigi Choy | South China Morning Post | 09/16/2020

Hong Kong has formally written Washington demanding it drop new regulations requiring locally made products exported to the US to be labelled “Made In China”, saying the city could take the…

Singapore Becomes Hub for Chinese Tech Amid US Tensions

Justin Harper | BBC News | 09/16/2020

Some of China’s biggest technology firms are expanding operati...

After Brexit Bombshell, Britain is Seeking to Reassure U.S. Lawmakers on Irish Border Issue

Holly Ellyatt | CNBC | 09/16/2020

The U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Dominic...

WTO Finds Washington Broke Trade Rules by Putting Tariffs on China; Ruling Angers U.S.

Emma Farge | Philip Blenkinsop | Reuters | 09/16/2020

The World Trade Organ...

US Exim Backs Steel Sector as Trump Administration Squeezes Foreign Imports

Felix Thompson | Global Trade Review | 09/16/2020

The Export-Import Bank of the United...

Australia Eyes Trade with India to Cut China Reliance Amid Mounting Tensions

South China Morning Post | 09/16/2020

Australia’s escalating tensions with Beijing ha...

Brexit Freight System “will be ready on time”, Says UK Government

EU Today Correspondents | EU Today | 09/16/2020

The UK government has denied claims ...


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