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French submarine dispute could torpedo EU-Australia trade talks

Diksha Madhok | CNN | 09/20/2021

France is threatening to block talks on a planned free trade agreement between Europe and Australia after the Australian government ditched a huge deal to buy French submarines. The French…

Guterres warns China, US to avoid new Cold War ahead of UN summit

Al Jazeera Staff | Al Jazeera | 09/20/2021

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has...

China’s CPTPP Move Puts U.S. Trade Policy on Back Foot

Bryce Baschuk | Bloomberg News | 09/20/2021

At the beginning of 2021 Chinese President Xi Jinping outline...

Lawmakers Urge U.S. to Ward Off ‘Troubling’ China Trade Overture

Ana Monteiro | Bloomberg News | 09/20/2021

Key U.S. senators overseeing trade said the nation...

Malaysia welcomes China’s bid to join TPP free trade pact

Kyodo News Staff | Kyodo News | 09/20/2021

Malaysia welcomes China’s bid to join the Trans-P...

UK government announces digital trade strategy

Angelica Mari | Computer Weekly | 09/20/2021

The UK government has announced a five-point digital strategy aimed at...

Altana AI raises $15M to alert supply chains of compliance, security risks

Grace Sharkey | Freight Waves | 09/20/2021

Supply chain visibility companies have secur...


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