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Taiwan follows China with bid to join transpacific trade pact

Kathrin Hille and Edward White | Financial Times | 09/22/2021

Taiwan has applied to join a major transpacific trade pact just after a week after China filed its own membership bid, pitting the two adversaries against each other in a…

US and China Battle for Defense-Critical Rare Earth Metals

Antonio Graceffo | The Epoch Times | 09/22/2021

For years, China has undercut other countries in the pr...

Boris Johnson talks up ‘solid steps’ on US trade as lamb deal agreed

Peter Walker | The Guardian | 09/22/2021

The US will start to allow imports of UK lamb fo...

US Solar Companies Warn That Proposed Tariffs Would Devastate New Projects

ET Staff | The Epoch Times | 09/22/2021

A U.S. solar industry group warned on Wednesday...

Pacific, Atlantic Ports Report Strong Growth in August Amid Tight Supply Chains

Dan Ronan | Transport Topics | 09/22/2021

As volumes continue to surge at the nati...

Column: Malaysia deals fresh blow to global copper scrap trade

Andy Home | Reuters | 09/22/2021

More disruption is looming in the global copper scrap market. This...

Soaring gas prices ripple through heavy industry, supply chains

Bozorgmehr Sharafedin and Susanna Twidale, Roslan Khasawneh | Reuters | 09/22/2021

Global record h...


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