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EU rejects calls to grant US farmers ‘comprehensive’ market access

Jim Brunsden | Financial Times | 01/16/2019

Brussels finalises its negotiating stance for fraught trade talks with Washington.   Brussels has rejected US calls for Europe to grant “comprehensive” market access to its farmers as the EU…

German carmakers warn hard Brexit would be ‘fatal’

Edward Taylor, Jan Schwartz | Reuters | 01/16/2019

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German carmakers on ...

USTR Pledges Exclusions From Higher China Tariffs If Talks Fail

Erik Wasson, Jenny Leonard | Bloomberg | 01/15/2019

The Trump administration has promised two sena...

Brexit: ‘Basic questions unanswered’ on Swiss trade deal

Joe Miller | BBC | 01/15/2019

Ministers must clarify the UK’s post-Brexit relationship ...

Global auto leaders urge Trump administration to end trade turmoil

Ben Klayman, David Shepardson | Reuters | 01/15/2019

DETROIT (Reuters) – Auto executives ...

China’s weakening trade figures should concern us all

Andy Verity | BBC | 01/15/2019

If China wanted to appease Donald Trump’s ever-present anger at i...

Trump and EU set for HUGE battle over trade – and Germany’s car industry AT RISK

Joe Barnes | Express | 01/15/2019

US officials are insistent any future ...


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