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Shipping costs from China to the US have more than doubled as trade war sparks a ‘bonanza’

Huileng Tan | CNBC | 12/14/2018

The price of shipping a container from China to the United States has risen dramatically in the last year due to uncertainty surrounding trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. That’s…

Vietnam: FDI explosion and trade wars

Dane Chamorro and Linh Nguyen | Forbes | 12/14/2018

Vietnam has become Asia’s hottest investment destination. Last year the ...

China buys US soybeans for first time since trade war

BBC News | 12/14/2018

China has bought US soybeans for the first time since the trade war between the two co...

EU refuses to help British PM over Brexit, says ‘it is not open for renegotiation’

Silvia Amaro | CNBC | 12/14/2018

Britain’s embattled Prime Mi...

China Seeks to Defuse Trade War With Reversals on Cars and Corn

Bloomberg News | 12/14/2018

China took more steps to defuse trade tensions with the U.S., confirmi...

New NAFTA Rolls Back Investor Protections for Infrastructure

Rossella Brevetti | Bloomberg Law | 12/14/2018

U.S. investors won’t be able to arbitrate disputes ove...

China, Russia ties with Africa may pose a new trade war threat for the US

Henry Fernandez | Fox Business | 12/14/2018

National Security Advisor John Bolton is so...


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