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Africa needs access to markets, not dependence on aid, and Britain can provide it

Linda Kavuka | The Telegraph | 10/25/2018

The popular story of Africa has always been one of poverty. By one measure, five of the 10 poorest countries in the world are in Africa. The continent’s poverty is not…

US won’t talk to China on trade until it gets specific plan to halt tech theft

Jeff Cox | CNBC | 10/25/2018

Trade tensions between have taken another negati...

White House trade adviser Navarro on tariffs: ‘The ball’s in China’s court’

Katie Lobosco | CNN | 10/24/2018

White House trade adviser Nav...

Trade war drives Asian manufacturing out of China

Nikkei Staff | Nikkei Asian Review | 10/24/2018

Trade war drives Asian manufacturing out of China KYOTO/TOKYO &...

‘New trajectory’: Abe heads to China as Trump trade threats help bury old tensions

Justin McCurry | The Guardian | 10/24/2018

‘New trajectory&#...

China tags top court to tackle intellectual property rights as US trade war rages

Laura Zhou | South China Morning Post | 10/24/2018

China tags top court to tack...


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