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A Return to Reciprocity in US Trade Policy

Inu Manak | Hinrich Foundation | 01/16/2024

As the United States enters another presidential election year, experts will be at the ready to clarify, debunk, and correct the oversimplifications and flat-out falsehoods spewed by candidates on the…

Fisheries Subsidies: Will World Trade Organization Members Finish the Job at MC13?

Tristan Irschlinger | International Institute for Sustainable Development | 01/11/2024

Jobs, National Security, and the Future of Trade

Marc Gilbert, Nikolaus Lang, Georgia Mavropoulos, & Michael McAdoo | Boston Consulting Group | 01/08/2024

Key Tak...

Globalization in 2024: The Clouds are Clearing

Richard Baldwin, Simon J. Evenett & Fernando Martín | Institute for Management Development (IMD) | 12/30/2023

Modern Industrial Policy and the WTO

Chad P. Bown | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 12/19/2023

To remain relevant in the international trading sy...

Reset, Prevent, Build: A Strategy to Win America’s Economy Competition with the Chinese Communist Party

Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party | U.S. House of Representatives | 12/12/2023


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